Many academic journals require figures in greyscale. This can be done relatively simply by printing to PDF as greyscale; however, this doesn’t give you a) a way to preview what the resulting figure will look like and b) much control over the process of desaturation. If you’re making figures in R, this process is almost as easy as the more simplistic print to PDF method.

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Map of all local governments by county

2017 Census of Governments

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How I Record Lectures

January 19, 2020

I am teaching online again and that means recording audio lectures. A lot has changed (or I perceive it to have changed) since the last time I did this so I endeavored to find a way to record/edit all my lectures on an iPad Pro. To be clear, I made this harder on myself by restricting everything to be done on an iPad. But I want something reasonably portable in case I need to record on the go.

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Recent Work

  • “The Consequences of Specialized Governance on Spending and Expansion of Public Transit.” Local Government Studies Abstract  pdf
  • “Political Fragmentation & Economic Growth in U.S. Metropolitan Areas.” Journal of Urban Affairs Abstract  pdf
  • “State Preemption of Local Laws: Origins and Modern Trends“ Abstract  pdf
  • “The Fiscal Impacts of Urban Sprawl: Evidence from U.S. County Areas.” Public Budgeting & Finance 39 (4): 3-27. Abstract  pdf

Current Teaching



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