Map of all independent special districts per capita by county

2017 Census of Governments

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I’m horribly bad at project management. It’s not usually something that is specifically taught in graduate school even though it’s incredibly important to an academic’s professional life. There are many ways to go about this (low tech to super high tech), but the purpose of this post is to explain one tool that I have found incredibly useful and flexible. That tool is Notion ( Notion can do way more than I am going to explain (see Using Notion as Your Second Brain), but this is how I use it to keep track of writing projects throughout the process of development to publication.

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Recent Work

  • “Political Fragmentation & Economic Growth in U.S. Metropolitan Areas.” Journal of Urban Affairs Abstract  pdf
  • “Patterns in Special District Creation and Dissolution.” Abstract  pdf
  • “State Tensions in State-Local Intergovernmental Response to Emergencies: The Case of COVID-19.” Abstract  pdf
  • “The Consequences of Specialized Governance on Spending and Expansion of Public Transit.” Local Government Studies Abstract  pdf

Current Teaching



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