Working Papers


  • “What Lies Beneath these Creatures of the State: Understanding the Death of U.S. Local Governments.” Abstract  pdf
  • “State Preemption and Affordable Housing Policy” Abstract  pdf


  • “Patterns in Special District Creation and Dissolution.” Abstract  pdf


  • “State Legislative Ideology & the Preemption of City Ordinances: The Case of Worker Rights Laws.” Abstract  pdf



  • “The Forgotten Governments: Exploring Midwestern Township Capacities and Functional Service Responsibilities” State & Local Government Review Abstract  pdf
  • “Neighborhood Institutions and Residential Home Sales: Evaluating the Impact of Property Tax Exemptions” The Journal of Real Estate Finance & Economics 64: 247–273. Abstract doi  pdf


  • “Political Fragmentation & Economic Growth in U.S. Metropolitan Areas.” Journal of Urban Affairs 43 (9): 1355-1376. Abstract doi  pdf
  • “State Preemption of Local Laws: Origins and Modern Trends.“ Perspectives on Public Management & Governance 4 (2): 146-158. Abstract doi  pdf
  • “The Truth about Honesty in the Nonprofit Sector.” Public Administration Quarterly 45 (2): 188-210. Abstract doi  pdf
  • “The Consequences of Specialized Governance on Spending and Expansion of Public Transit.” Local Government Studies 47 (2): 296-311. Abstract doi  pdf


  • “State Tensions in State-Local Intergovernmental Response to Emergencies: The Case of COVID-19.” State & Local Government Review 52 (3): 186-194. Abstract doi  pdf


  • “The Fiscal Impacts of Urban Sprawl: Evidence from U.S. County Areas.” Public Budgeting & Finance 39 (4): 3-27. Abstract doi  pdf
  • “Local Government Fragmentation: What Do We Know?” State and Local Government Review 51 (2): 134-144. Abstract doi  pdf
  • “Do Cities and Counties Attempt to Circumvent Changes in Their Autonomy by Creating Special Districts?” The American Review of Public Administration 49 (2): 203-217. Abstract doi  pdf


  • “House Prices and Property Tax Revenues During the Boom and Bust: Evidence from Small-Area Estimates.” Growth and Change 49 (4): 636-656. Abstract doi  pdf
  • “Jurisdictional Overlap & the Size of the Local Public Workforce.” State and Local Government Review 50 (1): 15-23. Abstract doi  pdf
  • “Usage of Specialized Service Delivery: Evidence from Contiguous Counties.” Publius: The Journal of Federalism 48 (4): 686-708. Abstract doi  pdf


  • “Assessing the Influence of Property Tax Delinquency and Foreclosures on Residential Property Sales” Urban Affairs Review 53 (5): 898-923. Abstract doi  pdf


  • “Local Government Fragmentation and the Local Public Sector: A Panel Data Analysis” Public Finance Review 43 (1): 82-107. Abstract doi  pdf


  • “Cost shocks and their relationship to the creation, consolidation and dissolution of US local governments” Public Finance & Management 13 (2): 58-79 Abstract


  • “The Effects of Assessment Quality on Revenue Volatility” Public Budgeting & Finance 31 (1): 76–94. Abstract doi

Book Chapters


  • “The Role of Special Districts and Intergovernmental Constraints.” In Research Handbook on City and Municipal Finance, edited by Justin M. Ross, Temu Moldogazı, and Craig L. Johnson. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. Abstract


  • “Understanding and Measuring Elasticity, Volatility, and Implications for Local Government Fiscal Health.” In Handbook of Local Government Fiscal Health, edited by Jonathan B. Justice, Helisse Levine, and Eric Scorsone. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett, Inc. Abstract



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